Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camping . . .

Because of the end of the school year and travel, I haven't posted in a over a week! Well, the travel I speak of was camping - not exactly my favorite type of travel, but because the other members of my family seem to love it - I try!

People love camping - the fires, cooking outdoors, being one with nature - sounds good in theory. I can't get on board with it, though. Why would someone spend over $100 a night, after you figure in gas, food, supplies, etc., to do fun things like share bathrooms with perfect strangers, get bitten by bugs and try to cook dinner in a lightning storm? I think you have to be raised in a camping family to understand the fun of it. Growing up, my family's idea of "roughing it" was a hotel that had no pool. We spent our vacations in various hotels, not all five-star, across the country, swimming in pools, getting ice from the hallway machine, and wondering if we would be on the second or first floor of our next stop.

Unfortunately, camping brings out the worst in me. I try to jump on the bandwagon and be excited about it - but I just cannot. When rain is in the equation, it is even worse. So today as I unpack the cooler (that came home with a slug on the lid!) and the other muddy items from the campsite, I tell myself that it is over for this year, and try to think of nicer things - like having my dog back home again, having my own shower, and having a computer again!

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