Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's quiet . . . too quiet . . .

It's summer camp week, and it is tough being back in a schedule - up at 7:30 AM, out the door by 8:20 AM, and not home again until 4:30 PM (actually longer than a school day for the boys!). The previous two weeks were baseball camp for one, mornings only, a couple of towns away - lots of driving! This particular camp is great for him, so I don't mind all the driving - he learns from some of the best college baseball players in country. The players give all the kids nicknames; this year he was "no sox" and he loves going to games to hear the players call him by his nickname!

This week is full days, both boys. During times of bickering and boredom complains, I looked forward to this week - no fighting, time to myself, and getting projects done. Well, as of Wednesday of the week - not a single project has been started, let alone finished. I'm a little lonely and it's just too quiet - which is why as I write this I am the first parent at camp pickup - 28 minutes early!

Next week is family vaction - a week of sun, sand and historical adventures. I will probably re-read this post and think "what was I thinking!!".

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pediatrician Visit . . .

The old saying goes, "from the mouths of babes" - I thought the "babes" in that saying meant that once they reached a certain age, they would be able to edit the information that goes from their brain to their mouths. Not so. My youngest still blurts out whatever he is thinking - whenever he is thinking it.

Case in point: When he went for his annual physical the other day he was told that he would have to leave a "specimen". He was so excited and thought it sounded like great fun! After having his full physical, we were headed to the rest room for the specimen experience. Before parting ways with his doctor, he asked her if he could have another cup - because he wanted to take a specimen home with him.

Needless to say, she said no.

Quicksand and Slime . . .

Before I had kids, I thought I could never handle having boys. Sports, messes and robot cartoons - nothing that I grew up with. The rain has pretty much taken over the summer so I am in constant need of things to keep them occupied and away from television. While craft shopping yesterday, we dicovered kits in which to make quicksand and slime - which they immediately thought would be great.

We brought them home, opened the packages and and started mixing. Well, one started mixing without reading the directions - if he had read them, he would have realized that the jug of water was there to be trickled into the corn starch - not poured! No worries - two cups of wheat flour and some brown rich and we were back in business! For $5.99 each, these kits provided at least two hours of fun last night, it being played with right now, and the slime has its own "carrying case", so it can travel with us!

I think if I can handle my boys making quicksand and slime in my kitchen, with its fairly new hardwood floor without having a near nervous breakdown - I can handle pretty much any mess they can cause!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Caller I.D. . . .

How did people every survive without Caller I.D.? It is one of the technological advances that I love - being able to screen your calls, to see who has called while you were away, avoid surveys and collection calls - is a great convenience.

But like Facebook, it does create some level of obsessiveness. Today while at the beach, I decided to call a friend. Because of the glare, it was difficult to see the screen of the phone and I inadvertently dialed the wrong number. After one ring - the call disconnected and I decided to try the call again later.

Five minutes later - my phone rang. It was a rather serious sounding man who said: "This is Joe Something-or-other, WHO IS THIS? WHY DID YOU CALL ME?" Without identifying myself (which I didn't have to - OBVIOUSLY he has Caller I.D. or he wouldn't have realized he didn't know me and wouldn't have had my number to call me back). I quickly apologized and said I must have dialed the wrong number. This explanation was not good enough for him. He stayed on line - my apology met with a long silence. Not wanting to hang up on him I, too, stayed on the line - but what the heck was he waiting for? A better explanation - I didn't have one! Did he think I was targeting him - calling him to annoy him? Or does he have so few people call him that he has to make the most of every call he actually gets? After giving it some thought, it was probably the latter - with an attitude like that - who would actually call him?

Swimming . . .

It always looks like fun - splashing in the waves of the ocean, floating leisurely in a lake, tubing down a river. But me - I worry about what is lurking in the water below me, unseen, waiting to prey upon me. Rationally, I know that most things in the water are more afraid of me that I am of them. I'm not rational - I can't get past the thoughts of a crab biting my toes, or an eel wrapping itself around my leg or arm!

Thankfully, my sons have not inherited my fear of the water. They run in, diving on their inflatable rafts (which they always name - for a few years we had "greenie deenie" - who sadly met his demise at the end of last summer; this year we have Steve and Betty. Although they are wary of walking in the "muck", they will spend hours splashing, racing and competing in Survivor-like challenges until the shadows overtake the clear spot.

Hopefully, it will stay this way. They will surf, compete in triathalons and snorkle - and will never figure out that the story "Jaws" supposedly happened within our state!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day . . .

Our July 4th was spent with family and friends, some of which we hadn't seen in many years. It is great thing to reunite with people you played with as kids, and have your kids play with their kids! We celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary (only 37 years to go until ours!), visited with the QM2 and swam and sunned.

At the Summer Street bridge, I photographed the kids wearing their "I Love QE2" badges!

After that, we headed off to the 50 anniversary party. The boys loved the sparking cidar in the champagne glasses!

When asked where his glass was, after he had walked around with it for a long time, he said "I put it back where I found it" - back with the clean glasses! Oh well, at least he tried to put it away!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Season Ends . . .

The little league season came to a disappointing end last night for my 10 year old son. It was the championship for the AAA division, and it ended in a crushing loss of 11-0. All season long, through injuries and bad weather, they persevered to be one of the top two teams in their division. They try to act tough and mature during the season, whether it be to not cry when hit by a rogue pitch, or to impress the girls that hang near the dugout. But when faced with agony of defeat in the final game, they momentarily turn back into little boys - with red eyes and faces streaked with tears. It is hard not to cry along with them and to tell them that in all the disappointments they will face in life, this will not even be a blip on their radar screen. At that moment, all they see is the other team cheering and celebrating, and the world is a little darker for them.

Resiliency is strong in little boys, though. After an ice cream at the local Dairy Queen and a promise of a banquet where they will receive second place trophies, spirits seem to brighten. As they say goodbye to their friends on the team, they think forward to next year; another year of opening day, green fields, mosquitoes, Big League Chew and cheering fans in the bleachers. So, let's wait until near year . . .