Friday, July 24, 2009

Caller I.D. . . .

How did people every survive without Caller I.D.? It is one of the technological advances that I love - being able to screen your calls, to see who has called while you were away, avoid surveys and collection calls - is a great convenience.

But like Facebook, it does create some level of obsessiveness. Today while at the beach, I decided to call a friend. Because of the glare, it was difficult to see the screen of the phone and I inadvertently dialed the wrong number. After one ring - the call disconnected and I decided to try the call again later.

Five minutes later - my phone rang. It was a rather serious sounding man who said: "This is Joe Something-or-other, WHO IS THIS? WHY DID YOU CALL ME?" Without identifying myself (which I didn't have to - OBVIOUSLY he has Caller I.D. or he wouldn't have realized he didn't know me and wouldn't have had my number to call me back). I quickly apologized and said I must have dialed the wrong number. This explanation was not good enough for him. He stayed on line - my apology met with a long silence. Not wanting to hang up on him I, too, stayed on the line - but what the heck was he waiting for? A better explanation - I didn't have one! Did he think I was targeting him - calling him to annoy him? Or does he have so few people call him that he has to make the most of every call he actually gets? After giving it some thought, it was probably the latter - with an attitude like that - who would actually call him?

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