Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's quiet . . . too quiet . . .

It's summer camp week, and it is tough being back in a schedule - up at 7:30 AM, out the door by 8:20 AM, and not home again until 4:30 PM (actually longer than a school day for the boys!). The previous two weeks were baseball camp for one, mornings only, a couple of towns away - lots of driving! This particular camp is great for him, so I don't mind all the driving - he learns from some of the best college baseball players in country. The players give all the kids nicknames; this year he was "no sox" and he loves going to games to hear the players call him by his nickname!

This week is full days, both boys. During times of bickering and boredom complains, I looked forward to this week - no fighting, time to myself, and getting projects done. Well, as of Wednesday of the week - not a single project has been started, let alone finished. I'm a little lonely and it's just too quiet - which is why as I write this I am the first parent at camp pickup - 28 minutes early!

Next week is family vaction - a week of sun, sand and historical adventures. I will probably re-read this post and think "what was I thinking!!".

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