Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quicksand and Slime . . .

Before I had kids, I thought I could never handle having boys. Sports, messes and robot cartoons - nothing that I grew up with. The rain has pretty much taken over the summer so I am in constant need of things to keep them occupied and away from television. While craft shopping yesterday, we dicovered kits in which to make quicksand and slime - which they immediately thought would be great.

We brought them home, opened the packages and and started mixing. Well, one started mixing without reading the directions - if he had read them, he would have realized that the jug of water was there to be trickled into the corn starch - not poured! No worries - two cups of wheat flour and some brown rich and we were back in business! For $5.99 each, these kits provided at least two hours of fun last night, it being played with right now, and the slime has its own "carrying case", so it can travel with us!

I think if I can handle my boys making quicksand and slime in my kitchen, with its fairly new hardwood floor without having a near nervous breakdown - I can handle pretty much any mess they can cause!

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