Friday, July 24, 2009

Swimming . . .

It always looks like fun - splashing in the waves of the ocean, floating leisurely in a lake, tubing down a river. But me - I worry about what is lurking in the water below me, unseen, waiting to prey upon me. Rationally, I know that most things in the water are more afraid of me that I am of them. I'm not rational - I can't get past the thoughts of a crab biting my toes, or an eel wrapping itself around my leg or arm!

Thankfully, my sons have not inherited my fear of the water. They run in, diving on their inflatable rafts (which they always name - for a few years we had "greenie deenie" - who sadly met his demise at the end of last summer; this year we have Steve and Betty. Although they are wary of walking in the "muck", they will spend hours splashing, racing and competing in Survivor-like challenges until the shadows overtake the clear spot.

Hopefully, it will stay this way. They will surf, compete in triathalons and snorkle - and will never figure out that the story "Jaws" supposedly happened within our state!

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