Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home . . .

Do you ever wonder what people think when they enter your home for the first time? When I am getting ready to entertain at my house I am always aware of what people's first impressions will be. My first worry - is it clean enough? Unfortunately, that is what I judge the first time I enter a house so I immediately think others do the same. Secondly, I look at the family photos, which I love in other people's homes but strangely enough have very few of in my own.

When it comes to decorating I have always been a "less is more" person, and I'm sure some people thing my style, especially in my living room, is sparse. To me, the fewer tables = fewer places for junk to accumlate. Another decorating issues I have is getting caught up in a theme - I have gone through many in the 15 years I have owned my home - undersea, baseball, Normal Rockwell, golf. Two of my current themes, ocean liners and dogs, may seem strange to some. But I do know one thing - I am the only one in my town (probably in my state) with a QE2 themed kitchen, complete with cabinets, countertops and appliances chosen to mirror the colors in her hull.

When and if we decide to sell our house - I will have to change my themes. For now, I rather enjoy the ecentricity of it!

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