Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where Does The Time Go . . .

Yesterday in my post I vowed to blog faithfully every day - and it seems like minutes ago that I wrote it! Time goes by so quickly! Today was the first day of September - a week until the boys go back to school. Instead of staying home and cleaning the house (which needs to be done) I decided to take them to a playground to enjoy the last few days of freedom. Laundry and dust bunnies will always be there!

One week until school, which hopefully will be a good year. DS1 always has good years - great teachers, good grades - and is sad when the school year ends. DS2 gets excellent grades, but seems to try the patience of teachers, prompting phone calls to home and difficult parent/teacher conferences and looks forward to a vacation of any kind from the school rountine. Although his behavior is sometimes an issue - at report card time he always brings home very high marks.

Two weeks from today is DS1's 11th birthday, and I don't know where those 11 years went. It seems like days ago I was visiting daycare centers in order to find the perfect one, and the baby car seat was sitting empty on the hearth (sometimes with Eleanor the cat sitting in it!) - waiting for the the little prune to arrive. Now he doesn't like to acknowledge us in public, watches YouTube and has his own cell phone. But I did have a weepy moment today when I went downstairs to do laundry and saw him playing with some Matchbox cars - my little boy is still in there somewhere!

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