Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something New for the Kitchen . . .

A friend sent me a message yesterday about a great tea set that is for sale on Ebay.  I have looking for QE2/Cunard china to display in my kitchen for months, assuming that once QE2 went out of service there would be tons of it for sale on Ebay - but I was wrong.  There has been a small amount over the past year or so, but nothing great.

Last night I put a bid on this tea set:

One bid - $59.60.  Strange amount, but it is listed on EbayUK so my bid is for £40.  While perusing Ebay I also found this full set which is listed at $1,250.00.  I will bid on if I win MegaMillions tomorrow night:

A beautiful set - I will also buy a new piece of furniture to keep it in from my MegaMillions winnings!

Just a little bit of trivia, from the early days of ocean liners, the teapots were square (the teapots in these sets are not for some reason).  The tipping over of teapots in rough seas had been a problem on ships for many years, so in 1917 Robert Crawford Johnson invented the square teapot to minimalize "teapot tippage" on the high seas!

***UPDATE:  Unfortunately, I was outbid - I will have to keep looking!  The final bid was about $255 US dollars - too much for me!

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