Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are You Ready for Some . . . Puppy Ball?!

In our house, Super Bowl Sunday means one thing:
Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!

(Photos courtesy of  Animal Planet)

Puppy Bowl made it debut on Animal Planet in 2005.  It is a great alternative for kids and non-football fans alike. Puppies play with football toys, drink from the "bowl cam" (a clear bowl with a camera on the bottom), and are given penalties for "accidents" on the field.  It is fully staffed with referees, has bunny cheerleaders to keep spirits up, and "tail"-gating fans.  Sadly, there will be a different announcer calling the plays this year as Harry Kalas, who was the voice of Puppy Bowl I through V, passed away last Spring (Mr. Kalas was also the voice of NFL Films the play-by-play announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies).

(A shot from the "Bowl Cam")

This year kicks off Puppy Bowl VI.  Taking the field will be puppies from local shelters through the sponsorship of  Along with the puppies, adoptable cats will provide entertainment during the Kitty Half-Time Show.  Anything can happen when these guys hit the field - wrestling, fighting, butt-sniffing - something for everyone!

A few years ago we decided to embrace the Puppy Bowl spirit by having dog inspired snacks as our munchies during the show.  I served the traditional football snacking favorites but I decided to serve them in a more "canine" way - in dog bowls!  Strangely enough, we didn't even have a dog at the time; after Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl Sunday, I had more dog dishes than I knew what to do with!

Football is one of my least favorite sports (I am not a sports fan at all - at my own son's football games I clap when the rest of the parents from his team clap as I have no idea what is happening on the field) but I will forever remain a diehard Puppy Bowl fan! Woof!!

P.S. - If you are looking to add a pet to your family, please visit  There are many animals looking for families to adopt and love them!  We used Petfinder - and look who we found:

(Bruce, adopted 2008 and Cody, adopted 2006)