Monday, February 1, 2010

Home Away from Home . . .

Sometimes different blog groups come up with a topic that everyone in the group writes about on the same day.  One day last week, the New England Bloggers wrote about their hometowns; I decided to write about my "second" home town - Wareham.

Wareham is my "second" hometown because it is not exactly where I grew up, but it is where I spent all my summers.  As a family we spent summers there at our family cottage - swimming, playing in the sand and just having fun in general!  Now my children get to enjoy the same things that I did as a child because we live so close to Wareham - they spend much of their summer spending time at "Grampa's house"!

Located about 45 miles south of Boston, Wareham is a coastal town that was incorporated in 1739.  Known as "the gateway to Cape Cod" because of its location and proximity to the Cape Cod Canal and the Town of Bourne, it has been a summer getaway destination for many years.  It is home to the Wareham Gatemen, a team that is part of the legendary Cape Cod Baseball League, and was the home of the Tremont Nail Company, which was the oldest operating nail factory in the United States (which has now become one of my favorite stores - The Old Company Store.

Our house was built in the late 1930s by my great uncle.  It has evolved quite a bit over the years with the addition of extra bedrooms, a bigger kitchen and bathroom, large deck and garage.  The best feature of our house is the view from the deck - whatever the season or time of day it is always beautiful!

Although the pond is iced over right now, and our time there during the winter months doesn't involve sitting outside for extended periods of time, we are counting the days when we will be sitting on the deck, tackling a bowl of steamers, having a glass of wine and enjoying the view!

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