Sunday, March 7, 2010

And The Nominees Are . . .

It's Oscar night - and I won't be watching.  Over the past ten years, I haven't seen most of the nominated films; my movie choices lean toward "G" movies and romantic comedies.  Most of movies that are nominated are ones that I would never rent at home, let alone go to a theater to see.

After making a list of my top ten favorite movies, I was surprised to learn that most of them were Oscar nominees, with some of them being big winners!  My top ten list:

10.  Toy Story (1996).  The first release by the brilliant minds at Pixar, Toy Story has great characters, sophisticated humor and catchy music.  Who can resist watching Woody and Buzz take on villains while hanging out with classic toys such as Mr. Potato Head and Etch?  Something to look forward to:  Toy Story 3D in theatres this summer!  3 Academy Award Wins:  Best Writing (Written for the Screen), Best Music - Original Song, Best Music - Musical/Comedy.

9.  You've Got Mail (1998):  A classic romantic comedy which is a remake of 1940's "Shop Around the Corner", You've Got Mail is a feel good movie with a happy ending. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan light up the screen together, and it features some great Upper West Side locations.  No Academy Award nominations.

8.   On Golden Pond (1981):  A tear jerker starring the father/daughter team of Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda, and the legendary Katharine Hepburn.  This coming of age story was especially poignant as it was known that Henry and Jane had a strained relationship.  Mr. Fonda won Best Actor in a Leading Role, but was too ill to attend the ceremony (his award was accepted by Jane); he passed away shortly after the Oscars.  3 Academy Awards Wins:  Best Actor in a Leading Role; Best Actress in a Leading Role; Best Screenplay based on Material from Another Medium.

7.  Scrooged (1988):  Christmas would not be the same without Bill Murray starring in this modified version of A Christmas Carol!  Not an award winner - but a classic nonetheless!  No Academy Award nominations.

6.  High Society (1956):  The musical version of The Philadelphia Story, this love story set in Newport, Rhode Island stars Gracy Kelly, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.  As I have mentioned in a previous entry, it has great music and beautiful scenery and lots of great location shots in Newport, Rhode Island.  2 Academy Award Nominations:  Best Song:  True Love, and Best Score.

5.  The Sound of Music (1965):  This classic musical appeared on the movie scene the year I was born.  Everyone can sing along with most of the songs from this movie, which stars Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.  The third star of the film is Salzburg, Austria, where it was filmed - some of the most beautiful scenery ever in a movie.  5 Academy Award Wins:  Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Music-Scoring of Music, Adaptation or Treatment, Best Picture and Best Sound.

4.  Gone With the Wind (1939):  The film adapted from the best-selling novel written by Margaret Mitchell, it is the tale of a southern belle whose life is turned upside down by the Civil War.  Although it is a little on the long side, it is the ultimate movie about life in the South, and it still a work of art almost 70 years after its release.  8 Academy Awards:  Outstanding Production, Best Director (Victor Fleming - who also directed The Wizard of Oz in the same year), Best Actress, Best Writing-Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Interior Decoration plus two special awards.

3.  Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994):  Hugh Grant at his best!  The story of a man, who searches for love, thinks he finds it, loses it once and almost marries the wrong girl - sounds confusing but it makes for great entertainment.  This film contains some great quotes, and it is where I got the title of my blog!
 2 Academy Award nominations:  Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

2.  Broadcast News (1987):  A romantic comedy starring Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks and William Hurt, which is set in the exciting world of television network news.  Great script written by the talented James L. Brooks.  7 Academy Award nominations.

 1.  Moonstruck (1987):  It doesn't get any more romantic that this!  Cher and Nicholas Cage star as lovers, destined to be with each other, but with many obstacles to overcome, mainly the fact that she is engaged to his brother.  Filled with humor, fabulous acting and great New York scenes.  3 Academy Award wins:  Best Actress, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Writing-Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

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