Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not Again . . .

More rain yesterday and today, which means more flooding!!  At 3:30 AM - there was no water showing in my basement; by 5:00 AM - it was everywhere.  We have been keeping up with it by using portable pumps and the wet/dry vac and are keeping the waters at bay.  Unfortunately, other people in my town are losing the battle; families are being evacuated due to high water and unsafe conditions; my neighbor had to admit defeat when their sump pump stopped working.  The local electric company has disconnected their power and they are on the long waiting list to be pumped out by the fire department.

I've been out doing errands (looking for new pumps and hoses as backups) and have been taking photos:

My front yard

Another view of my yard

Our hardworking pumps (love you guys!)

Oliver Mill Park - approximately 11:30 AM

Same view - 4:15 PM (the picnic table is barely visible!)

Route 44 West, a major road in my area - a few miles completely closed due to the overflowing Taunton River

My neighbor's yard - what a terrible way for her to spend her birthday!

The Taunton River overflowing its banks on Summer Street in Bridgewater

Tonight it is still raining and the sound of vacuums can still be heard around the neighborhood.  Next door the groan of a gas pump echoes out of the darkness as they attempt to drain the few feet of water that accumulated during the afternoon - they are forced to work in the dark as the power has been cut for safety reasons.  Compared to others, I can't complain as I sit her (still in my wet socks!) in a warm, well lit, and fairly dry house, typing away on my computer - hoping
 bedtime comes very soon . . .

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