Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . .

Well, it finally did go away, but it has been raining here for the past three days and nights - streets and basements flooded, rivers overflowed their banks and people lost power in their homes.

When heavy rains are forecasted, we have our preparedness routine:  get out the pump and wet/dry vac, move things out of the basement and check the downspouts on the gutters.  It rains heavy for a few hours, we check the basement periodically for water leaks, wet/dry vacuum a few times and it's over.  During this storm it was like running a marathon!   Trying to stay awake to vacuum every 20 minutes, having a hissy fit when the wet/dry vac decides it's not going to work properly, walking around in soaked sneakers and socks, praying the power won't go out - I thought it would never end!  We were very fortunate as we just had a little water and did not suffer any property loss; many people I know have had devastating water damage to their homes.

While out today I took some photos of the rivers and flooding in my town of Middleborough and the neighboring towns of Bridgewater and East Bridgewater:

Route 18 in East Bridgewater looking north (toward the old Joppa Grill on the right)

The Taunton River overflowing on Plymouth Street in Bridgewater

Another view of the Taunton River rushing through the yard on the right

Oliver Mill Park in Middleborough - the Nemasket River overflowing its banks

Two residents of Oliver Mill Park who were not bothered by the flooding!

Oliver Mill Park - for comparison - the photo below was taken next to the large wall on the right; today's photo (above) was taken from the bridge you can see behind the boys: 

Another view of Oliver Mill Park

On the lighter side, The Boston Globe printed an article on how to build an ark in the event it ever rains like this again . . . and I made a new friend to help me with further basement flooding issues:

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