Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bucket List . . .

I have a friend who talks about completing items on her "bucket list" (some people call it a "life list" which sounds a little nicer); this has inspired me to write my own list of things that I absolutely must complete in my lifetime. 

Here they are, in no specific order:

1.  Drive cross country:  Although I am not a camper, I would love to rent an RV and drive from coast to coast with no time limit, allowing time to stop for anything I would like to see, including obscure attractions like the World's Largest Ball of Twine in Darwin, Minnesota!

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2.  Spin around on the hill in the opening scene of "The Sound of Music":  Being a huge fan of the movie, I've wanted to do this for over 40 years.  After doing a some research, it seems that the hill is called the Mellweg , and it actually located in the town of Schellenger, Liechtenstein, about six miles from Salzburg, Austria.

3.  Traverse the Panama Canal on a ship:  Many cruise companies offer this trip now so finding one would not be the problem, but it is a very lengthy trip, with the average number of days per trip being fourteen.  This one may have to wait until retirement!

4.   Go under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Queen Mary 2Because it involves two of my favorite things, ocean liners and New York City, I eagerly look forward doing this.  I would like to make this trip at night, preferably at the beginning of a voyage, when the lights of the city, the bridge and the Statue of Liberty are sparkling.  The QM2's funnel clears the bridge with a clearance of only 13 feet during high tide; being on the top deck would offer some spectacular views!

5.  Spend my 50th birthday in Paris:  Only five more years until this much anticipated milestone!  Since my birthday is on a major holiday, it is going to be difficult, but even if I have to go alone, I will wake up on the morning of my 50th in the City of Light, and will enjoy my birthday dinner at The Jules Verne Restaurant located inside the Tour Eiffel.

6.  Cross the International Date Line:  The International Date Line is an imaginary line on the surface of the Earth opposite the Prime Meridian where the date changes as one travels east or west across it.  Crossing the the International Date line going east causes 24 hours being subtracted, so the date is repeated; the opposite happens going west (a day is added). The exact number of hours depends on the time zones.


7.  Complete a triathlon:  There are so many of them held, I'm sure I will be able to find one that fits my specifications.  I am trying to start small by training to run a 5K (although I haven't actually completed one yet).  Although I know it is physically challenging, the part that scares me about a triathlon is the swimming; I am a strong swimmer, but most triathlons involve swimming in the ocean, which I have a fear of.

8.  Spend Thanksgiving in New York City and see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:  Although the parade itself is very crowded, I want to rent an apartment in NYC for Thanksgiving week, shop and cook the holiday dinner there, and spend the night before the parade wandering through where they line up the parade and watch them blow up the large balloons.

9.  Visit Normandy, France:  Many Americans lost their lives here on Omaha Beach during WWII; the American cemetery there is said to be beautiful and inspirational.  Hopefully, I will have the boys with me on this trip so they can appreciate this time in history and see first hand the sacrifices that were made for our freedom.

10.  Visit Norway and see the Northern Lights:  Norway is high on my list of the places I want to visit - the fjords, the mountains, the small villages - it looks breathtaking.  To visit during the time when the Northern Lights are visible would be a bonus.  It would be so interesting to experience daylight for almost 24 hours - wouldn't it be great to play golf at 11:00 PM?


Jennifer Eremeeva said...

these are great ideas!!!! My aunt did the Sound of Music thing, and she has a copy of that in every room of her house! I love historical non-fiction as well...European Royalty 1837-1918, and I have quite a collection of books!

Kathy said...

Thanks! I have an interest in royalty as well - one of the favorite groups that I "follow" on Twitter is the British Monarchy!

Suburban Turmoil said...

I love it! Particularly the Sound of Music item. That is an AWESOME idea!! Hope you complete every item on your list.

Kathy said...

It will take forever . . . but I'm sure I will!!

Aron said...

Great list. It must have been hard to limit yourself to 10! Good luck and happy traveling!