Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Costa Atlantica . . .

Spring is here - time for passenger ships to return to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in Boston.  Although none compare to my favorite, QE2, I still like to make a visit to see them up close.  This past Sunday the Costa Atlantica came to port.

In learning a little about her, I found out that ships are categorized.  The Atlantica is a "spirit" class ship, and was built in the Panamax form, meaning that she fits the dimension specifications to fit through the Panama Canal.  Built in 1999 in Helsinki, Finland at the Kvaerner Masa-Yards for the Costa Line, she was put in service in July, 2000.  Costa Cruise Lines was founded in 1924 in Genoa, Italy.  It currently operates 14 ships that sail under the Italian flag, but it is currently owned by Carnival Cruises who acquired it in 2000 (one of the eleven cruise companies that are run by Carnival).

The Atlantica is 960 feet long with beam of 106 feet; she has passenger capacity of about 2,200.  As her top speed is only 22 knots, she is a cruising vessel that visits the Mediterranean, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.  All the decks on this ship were named after movies made by the famous Italian director, Federico Fellini, and include "La Dolce Vita" and "La Strada".

The Costa Cruise website has a unique option along with viewing the ships' location via their bow webcams; it features a Google Maps function, which allows you to see the ships location at any time and track their progress to the various ports they are visiting.

As I can tend to be a little single-minded when it comes to ships, I had never visited Costa's website to research their cruises.  They offer some great voyages at reasonable prices - visit their website and start planning your next getaway!


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Just wanted to say Hi. I just found you on New England bloggers. I live south of Boston and enjoyed your travel logs in the area.

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