Monday, April 5, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail . . .

Easter is usually a fun holiday at our house.  The Easter Bunny never makes it easy; he usually leaves the baskets with candy and small items on the hearth, but they always have a twist.  Some sort of mystery or clue hunt that the boys must complete in order to receive their large Easter gift.  In years past they have received detailed treasure maps that led them to numbered plastic jelly bean clues . . .

After following the clues, they were led to their "treasure"!

Last year they were presented with "Survivor-Middleborough" shirts, and had to complete a series of challenges in order to find the clues as to the location of their "reward" (who knew the Easter Bunny was a fan of reality television?!) . . .

This year was an unfortunate year for the Easter Bunny.  Upon rising, they found a note where the baskets should have been:

Seems the Easter Bunny has an evil twin, "Feaster Bunny", who has had enough of the Easter Bunny getting all of the attention and access to the candy.  While delivering candy and baskets to our house, Feaster abducted Easter, and wanted something in return before he would divulge the location of the Easter baskets that the "EB" had already delivered.  The boys had to search the yard and find six pink chocolate bunnies that were hidden in various locations.  After locating all six pink bunnies, they were to leave them in the mail box for the evil Feaster to retrieve . . . or no baskets!  After finding all the chocolate bunnies, they found a note telling them of location of their baskets (in the back seat of the car).  The Easter Bunny was then safely released!

I know, I know - not exactly the warm and fuzzy Easter story you were hoping for! The older the boys get, the more difficult it gets for the "Easter Bunny" to come up with these elaborate scenarios.  Added to the fact that his hutch probably flooded this week like everyone's basements and homes, he had many other things on his mind and this last minute idea was all his soggy brain could dream up!  He needs to start planning early next year, say around St. Patrick's Day!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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