Saturday, April 24, 2010

thirtysomething . . .

In the never ending quest to find something to watch on TV, I am constantly searching Hulu and Netflix for episodes of shows that were my past favorites.  One day last week I came across the series "thirtysomething" from the late 80s on Netflix.  Since I remembered loving the show when it ran in primetime, I decided to give it a chance.

After watching two episodes, I found myself questioning why I would have liked it in 1987.  At the time I was a twenty-something, still living at home, no marriage prospects (and wasn't looking for any), no kids - what common ground could I have possibly found with "thirtysomething"?  I have no idea.  Perhaps it was the glimpse into what I thought married life would be?  Watching it now, I still think it was an interesting show; but I can relate to it much more now than I could then.  Other than the female lead, I am happy to say that the other characters in the show don't resemble anyone in my immediate circle of friends or family.  The character of Hope, feeling insignificant after leaving her corporate job to be stay-at-home mom (yes, I can relate to that), the character of Michael, the hard working spouse devoting most of him time and energy to his job, the friends - Nancy and Elliot - who are a step ahead of Hope and Michael with their children being a little older,  and their marriage already suffering from the effects of Elliot's infidelity, and the childless characters, who don't understanding anything that Hope and Michael are going through, and really don't seem to want to.

The funny thing that I noticed in these episodes was how "80s" they were.  From Hope's friend's shoulder-padded business suits, to the country duck motifs in one of the homes - it all seemed so dated.  One of the funny changes from now to then that I noticed happened in Michael's office.  He was showing his partner, Elliot, a report of some kind and it was printed on the old alternating green and white lined computer paper with the holes along both edges; they probably had the Wang Word Processors with the 12-inch floppy discs too!

If you are a child of the 80s and find yourself with some extra time some evening, rent a few back episodes of "thirtysomething" to experience some great television drama, and to revisited some 80s memories.  And since so many of the old shows out there to be revisited - don't be surprised to see a few more appear as blog topics!  Have a great weekend!

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