Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Water Has Subsided . . .

On this beautiful day, I decided to go out and re-photograph some of the locations where the flooding occurred two weeks ago to record the changes.  One or two local roads are still flooded, but life has returned to normal for most.  After this experience, there are still many people who will cringe when they hear raindrops falling on their rooftops.

Here are the photos:

Oliver Mill - March 15th

Oliver Mill - April 14th

Oliver Mill - March 29th

Oliver Mill - April 14th

Taunton River - March 16th

Taunton River - April 14th

 Summer Street, Bridgwater - March 16th

Summer Street, Bridgewater - April 14th

Hopefully we will never experience flooding and devastation like that ever again.  It is such a relief that spring is finally here!  It's too bad that the flowering plants and trees can't stay in bloom forever!

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