Monday, June 28, 2010

Dead of Night Ghost Tour . . .

Last night I took my youngest son on a Dead of Night Ghost Tour in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  For a paranormal fan, it was a great time!  We started at the Plymouth waterfront and were met by the tour owners and their 15 year old Pug, Boo (my son thought Boo was one of the best parts of the evening!).  We picked up our lanterns and embarked on our tour.

We walked through some of the oldest neighborhoods in Plymouth, and listened to tales that had been told to our guide by previous occupants of the homes and buildings.  One of the first tales was of a beautiful building that is now condominiums and retail space that had previously been a tavern and a hotel.  Last year the ground floor of this building was occupied by a dress store - the owners finally gave up and moved because they arrived in the morning several times to find the mannequins had been undressed during the night.  Owners of the residential units claimed to hear women arguing during the night - when they were alone in the building.  There are currently two real estate for sale signs on this building . . . I wonder why?!!

We moved on to Burial Hill, a cemetery located on top of a hill overlooking the town and harbor.  Walking around in complete darkness in a graveyard is a little creepy.  We visited the graves of some of the earliest residents of Plymouth and learned about their lives.  The guides encouraged us to take photos into the darkness to try to capture spirits.  I took one photo that had a circular pattern of orbs that could be a group of spirits.

We walked through one area where the guides told us people cameras and electronic devices have acted strangely in the past.  While in this area I tried to take a photo looking back up the hill, as there was a feeling that there was someone looking at us.  Unfortunately, my camera would not operate!  Normally the only time I get the "busy" message on my camera is when I am deleted photos from the card - but in this section it came up on my screen every time I tried to take a photograph.  Once we left this certain section - it was fine!

If you like the paranormal and want to learn a little about the local history of Plymouth, spend an evening with Dead of Night Ghost Tours.  They offer a few different tours, and also hold paranormal "ghost hunting" expeditions in local homes.  But beware . . .  you never know what you might see!

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