Friday, June 18, 2010

Plimoth Plantation . . .

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and see how people lived in the 1600s?  Time travel isn't possible, but a trip to Plimoth Plantation can give you a glimpse of how people lived during those times.

Plimoth Plantation is a "living museum" that recreates the settlement established by English colonists in 1627.  It contains replicas of the building and homes these colonists lived in, along with people who reenact some of the actual settlers.  The residents can be seen building, cooking and farming - doing the same things they would have during the early days.  They speak, act and dress as if they were still in the 1600s and you are just a visitor to their time.  During my visit a few weeks ago, I asked a woman if what she was wearing (a rather heavy dress) was something that would have been worn during the summer months in the colony; she quickly replied that those were her clothes - what else should she be wearing?!

At the Wampanoag village,  you can see Native Americans building canoes, tending gardens and cooking food typical of the time period (some of the kids I was with were rather upset to see a rabbit turning on a spit over a fire).  In this part of the museum you can also learn about family life for the Wampanoags, and it was interesting to learn how different life was - children were very respectful to their parents and other elders, there was no domestic violence, and the elderly were treated with reverence.  Unlike in the English settlement, the residents are dressed in period clothing, but speak to you like people of this era.

Another interesting part of Plimoth Plantation is the Crafts Center where many of the objects used in the village exhibits are created and repaired.  Visitors can see some beautiful wood pieces being crafted, along with various textiles such as rugs and clothing.  There is a store adjacent to the Crafts Center where some of the objects can be purchased.

If you are fortunate enough to visit during the Fall, Plimoth Plantation offers a Thanksgiving meal with the residents of the English Village, where you can dine on foods that were eaten during the first Thanksgiving, and find out about what really happened at the harvest celebration of 1621.

During the upcoming summer months, take a trip back in time to Plimoth Plantation!  The museum is located three miles south of Plymouth Center, and is open March 20 through November 29, 7 days a week.  Along with the museum, you can also visit the replica of the Mayflower which is located in Plymouth Harbor.


Lizzie said...

I like Plimouth Plantation, it is beautiful. But it has been our experience that the Wampanoags have attitude issues. They don't follow the same protocol as the rest of the village. I much prefer Old Sturbridge Village these days, it is just overall a much friendlier and pleasant place to be with my family.

Kathy said...

I haven't been to OSV since high school - I think I will take the kids there this summer!