Friday, July 16, 2010

Codzilla . . .

During the summer months, we try to take a "field trip" at least once a week - yesterday we took the train to Boston for a ride on CODZILLA!

Codzilla is a 70’ speed boat that is equipped with two turbo-charged diesel engines and is capable of breathtaking 360-degree turns.  The trip begins slowly, as the boat glides out into the less crowded part of Boston Harbor.  Once there, the engines rev and the white-knuckle part of the trip begins!!

My youngest was not thrilled about boarding Codzilla - he was talked into taking the trip by his brother and friends.  Once we left the dock, he started to shake and asked to go back . . . but it was too late!

Once the fun began . . . he was hooked and wants to go back again!

The brochure said that you may get "a little wet" - it was a slight understatement!  We sat in the middle of the boat (I let the boys choose the seats - we really couldn't see much) but we missed getting completely soaked!  The people who sat in the rear two rows behind us were not so lucky!

It was fun - the kids loved every minute of it!  I have to admit - I did close my eyes a few times - when they took the sharp turns you felt like you were going to be tossed into the harbor and the music and engines were so loud you couldn't talk to the person sitting next to you!
The views of the city were fabulous . . . as was the wake of the boat!

(my camera was a little damp as you can see from the right side of this photo!)

If you are in Boston and want a little excitement, take a ride on Boston Harbor Cruises' Codzilla - you will be in for the ride of your life!!

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Anonymous said...

My son would LOVE that boat. I will have to check that out if we are ever in Boston.