Friday, November 11, 2011

In remembrance of those who have served . . .

In honor of men and woman who have served their countries on Veterans' Day, I thought I would share this beautiful poem by Sophie Jewett:

The water sings along our keel,   

The wind falls to a whispering breath;

I look into your eyes and feel

No fear of life or death;   

So near is love, so far away   

The losing strife of yesterday.

We watch the swallow skim and dip;

Some magic bids the world be still;   

Life stands with finger upon lip;

Love hath his gentle will;

Though hearts have bled, and tears have burned,

The river floweth unconcerned.

We pray the fickle flag of truce

Still float deceitfully and fair;

Our eyes must love its sweet abuse;   

This hour we will not care,

Though just beyond to-morrow's gate,   

Arrayed and strong, the battle wait. 

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